Sidewalk Surfer

So, when I think of skateboarding, which I have no skill at…I think of danger.  I also suck at surfing but who cares.  I think the reason I never went surfboarding was that I was scared of sharks.  I mean who isn't afraid of sharks.  Either way, I wanted to make a stencil that glorified …

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Privacy , graffiti, censorship, free speech, artistic, pop art, graffiti, banksy, blek le rat


Mr Bigg Makk just wanted to use the middle finger in a painting! What better way than to use graffiti  and censorship for inspiration.”           Related articles Facebook plans to reduce censorship, show more offensive but newsworthy content

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mr bigg makk, stencil art, spray paint, graffiti, blek le rat, banksy, pop art, #MBM

Makk Toss

“Makk Toss” Art featuring the Mr Bigg Makk symbol replacing a molotov cocktail. Stencil art, spray painted red and black color patterns for surrounding effect. Artist: Mr Bigg Makk, 2015, Original Piece Mr Bigg Makk Art Originals

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