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Mr Bigg Makk’s  Description

Title:  “Daniel-San”

He’s the best, around…winner! Daniel Larusso is the O.G. Karate Kid and he is pure badass, not like Will Smith’s kid. He gets his butt kicked over and over again but that will not stop the fight in him.  Wax on Wax off is my motto.  Wait, what?  Mr Miyagi would’ve torn Jackie Chan a new ass but all these new movie updates never compare to the original.  At least he finally gave him black belt instead of a rope at the end.  The Karate Kid has stood the test of time and will always be a classic.  Even when Johnny tried to sweep the leg.  Personally I would’ve loved to been a part of Cobra Kai and learn from Kreese but Daniel-San is still the main icon from this movie.  He did get the shit beat out of him over and over so this piece is a tribute to all the Valley Kids who had to fight for their survival in the 80’s!


-Mr Bigg Makk


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