Title:  “Telechrome” Artist:  Mr Bigg Makk Year:  2015 Description:  A ton of color on the canvas with the sketch of an old tv screen…Inspired by the old school tube televisions back in the day, before remote controls and flat screens.  There is a song by Simon and Garfunkel called Kodachrome that popped into my head …

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The King of Pisa

Title:  “The King of Pisa” Description:  This piece is inspired by the 8th Wonder of the World himself, King Kong…usually he is tackling the Empire State Building, but this time he fancied himself some Italian.  The iconic Empire State Building is replaced by the Leaning Tower if Pisa.   I loved the idea of King …

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The Cosmic Sixties

If you like pop art you should know who Peter Max is. Some may say he was only relevant in the Sixties. He would say otherwise.  Either way his work is fun and relevant still. Hell, he has a full time DJ in his studio. How cool is that?  Probably not as cool as having …

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