Rainbow Of War

“Rainbow Of War” Rainbow of war….this piece has John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, “Commando”) stenciled with a rainbow painted behind him.  A rainbow usually represents something hippie like or calm.  I thought it was a cool play with John Matrix and rocket launcher.

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“Stella”   –  Mr Bigg Makk, 2015   Everyone knows Marlon Brando from the movies.  This piece is a behind the scenes photo of Brando, stenciled, underneath some spray paints and splats.

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Title:  “Telechrome” Artist:  Mr Bigg Makk Year:  2015 Description:  A ton of color on the canvas with the sketch of an old tv screen…Inspired by the old school tube televisions back in the day, before remote controls and flat screens.  There is a song by Simon and Garfunkel called Kodachrome that popped into my head …

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