“Fricken Evil ” – Mr Bigg Makk 2015 – #DrEvil

“Fricken Evil ” –  Mr Bigg Makk, 2015 – #DrEvil   Notes:  Dr. Evil is a fictional character, played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film series. He is the antagonist of the movies, and Austin Powers’ nemesis. He is a parody of James Bond villains, primarily Donald Pleasence’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld.   “The details …

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The King of Pisa

Title:  “The King of Pisa” Description:  This piece is inspired by the 8th Wonder of the World himself, King Kong…usually he is tackling the Empire State Building, but this time he fancied himself some Italian.  The iconic Empire State Building is replaced by the Leaning Tower if Pisa.   I loved the idea of King …

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Mr Bigg Makk just wanted to use the middle finger in a painting! What better way than to use graffiti  and censorship for inspiration.”           Related articles Facebook plans to reduce censorship, show more offensive but newsworthy content

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