I am a student of the digital design game and internet marketing.  I don't have the chops of  Monet or Dali but I sure as hell try to keep busy.  Working on anything new, be it graphics, web design, SEO, or otherwise, is a great way to give something of yourself to the universe.  Lifting my hand to sketch, type or write something is unique to the world.  Why?  Because it comes from me.  Good or bad, it is mine.  I created it.  Right?



I do what I can.  I design websites, Local SEO and graphic design.  I also try to create.   I see something on TV or the internet, or walking down the street...Or WHATEVER.....Well, it can't just stay there, it needs to come to concept.  Some of the stuff I have come up with is lame.  Sometimes I get lucky and boom!  Collaborating with clients if the best way to come up with ideas.  Feel free to take a look around.  This website is new and growing.  I work on it when I am not working on my clients' projects.   Who are they?  That's a secret.