Who is the self-proclaimed artist Mr Bigg Makk?


I am a student of the digital graphic design game and internet.  I don't have the chops of Monet or Dali but I sure as hell try to keep busy.  Working on anything new, be it graphics, banners, posters, ads, etc.  It is a great way to keep busy.  Lifting my hand to sketch, type or write something that is unique to the design world.  I might have the least talent of any artist but at least I am trying to put stuff out there.  If you read this whole paragraph shame on you.  It is pure drivel! Gotcha. 😜


What can't I do?  Shit.  I design websites with my homeboyz,  banners, posters, prints, graphics, slapz, art, and graffiti, to name a few.    I see something on TV or the internet or walking down the street...Or WHATEVER.....Well, it can't just stay there, it needs to come to life.  Some of the stuff I have come up with is lame as shit.  Sometimes I get lucky and boom!  Collaborating with...Nah, nevermind.   I come up with the best worst way to come up with ideas.  Feel free to take a look around.  This website is garbage but it is my testing ground for stuff you won't see...I am the wizard of oz for the web.  I work on this site when I am not working on other crap projects.  What are they?  That's a secret. 😎